Here is some general information for patients and visitors to Gore Hospital. 



Gore Hospital is a smoke free environment. Smoking and Vaping is not permitted anywhere in the hospital or on the grounds.

Visiting Hours

Hospital visiting hours are everyday from 2:00 pm to 8.00pm. Visits outside of these hours and Emergency Department visits are at the discretion of the Senior Registered Nurse on duty.

Family/Whanau Room

Our Family/Whanau room has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, small living room, dining area, TV and beds. Please contact our nursing staff if you need to use it. The Family/Whanauroom has been made possible by the generous support of the Cancer Society.


Meals are provided to all inpatients in their rooms or in the Dining Room. If you have special dietary requirements, please inform your nurse and she will arrange for the dietician to visit you.

  • Breakfast is served at 8:00 am
  • Morning Tea at 10:00 am
  • Lunch is served at 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon Tea at 2:30 pm
  • Tea is served at 5:00 pm

Computer and Newspapers

We have a computer available for patient use in the patient lounge.

The Southland Times and The Ensign are delivered to the hospital. 


Our address for patient mail is:

[Patient Name]
c/- Gore Hospital
P O Box 274
Gore 9740

For outgoing mail, please ask a nurse to place it in the outgoing mail tray by 2:30 pm.

Flowers or parcels will be delivered to patients when they arrive.

RSA and Spiritual Care

Representatives of the RSA visit the hospital on a regular basis, usually at the weekend. If you would like a visit, please let the reception staff know.

If you wish to have a visit from your church representative, please contact them directly or ask a staff member to do so on your behalf. If you stated a religious preference when admitted, you may be visited by a church member. If you would rather not have them visit, please let the reception staff or your nurse know.

Fire Procedures

If the fire alarm goes off, please remain calm and wait for instructions from staff members. There is a fire warden for each area of the building and they are fully trained for emergency situations. You will be directed to where you can safely exit the building.


The Health Information Privacy Code (2020) has been developed essentially for health agencies and their consumers and has strict guidelines with regard to your privacy and our obligations to assist you in protecting your privacy while you are a patient at Gore Hospital.

The Code covers how health care providers should collect, record, store and disclose individual's health information. The code also allows that health providers can share your information with other agencies as appropriate. Only authorised people entitled to view the information in the course of providing and evaluating services to the patient shall have access to individual health records. For more information on the Health Information Privacy Code visit the Privacy Commissioner website at:

Information obtained by staff at Gore Hospital about you is held in strictest confidence and is used for your ongoing health care.

If you feel your privacy has been breached in any way you can contact the Chief Executive, Gore Hospital, or the Privacy Commissioner.

  • Contact: Chief Executive, Gore Hospital Ph: (03) 2093030
  • Privacy Commissioner Ph: 0800 803 909

Access To Personal Medical Records

All patients have the right of access to their own personal medical records. Information shall be made available to a patient upon request unless a reason exists under the Health Information Privacy Code (2020) for withholding it. Patients can request a copy of all of it, or a selected part of it.

To ensure records are provided to authorised people only, we may ask for the identity of the person making the request, to be verified. It is acceptable for a patient to request or authorise another person to access their records on their behalf. A written authority is required.

Please write to, or e-mail, Medical Records, Gore Hospital, P O Box 274 Gore 9740, or email if you wish to have copies of your records. If you are an inpatient and wish to view your medical records, please ask the nursing or medical staff.

Release of Information

As a patient, you can if you wish to do so, request that no information is released about you or your presence in hospital. Please do not hesitate to discuss with your nurse if you do not want any information released.